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Yet three injured starting quarterbacks have been nearly invisible all summer long.

Training camp officially ended for most NFL teams over the weekend, meaning we are well past the "it's early, nothing to worry about" phase of preparation for the 2017 season.

Here's a look at a pair of trending quarterback situations to keep an eye on: Why is Blake Bortles suddenly in danger of losing his starting job?

If you are seriously asking, you need to consult video of Bortles doing absolutely anything in the last two years. Taylor had a miserable performance against the Eagles on Thursday night, and the recent Ronald Darby and Sammy Watkins trades (which significantly weakened the 2017 roster) show that new Bills coach Sean Mc Dermott and GM Brandon Beane are in full "let's bring in guys" mode.

Quarterback: Joe Flacco, Ravens (Back injury)Timeline: Flacco injured his back prior to the start of camp. Alternative: Ryan Mallett (two interceptions Thursday night) is a "system fit," which is a nice way of saying that he combines the worst attributes of Flacco and Jay Cutler. Coach John Harbaugh said last week that doctors and a back specialist gave the team "a pretty straightforward date" for Flacco's return. Flacco is not expected to practice this week; apparently, his injury was only minor two weeks ago, when reporters were asking Colin Kaepernick questions. Without Flacco, the Ravens offense cannot engineer the 30-yard drives that lead to the 55-yard field goals that keep the team competitive.

Kidding aside, Flacco-sized 32-year-old quarterbacks must worry about back injuries; they are often a sign of the beginning of the end.

Siemian is the quarterback equivalent of autopilot.

But Lynch plays like a big, strong-armed guy who keeps expecting the starting opportunity to come to him. Maybe the pilot light will flicker on eventually, but he wasted a whole summer when the Broncos were just begging for him to light it.

But new controversies often brew in the August heat.Deshaun Watson (3-of-10, 102 yards, 1 rushing TD) displayed poise and big-play capability, but forced some throws and was off-target at times.There doesn't appear to be much urgency in Houston to push Watson into the lineup, because a) Savage's bland adequacy could be enough for a 10- or 11-win season; and b) coach Bill O'Brien has a history of making sudden early-season quarterback changes, anyway.Thursday's preseason performance was actually good by Bortles' standards: He completed some short passes, but anything that traveled more than 15 yards in the air looked like it was thrown by a high school quarterback. Who are the Jaguars and Bills alternatives at quarterback? Yates is the Bills' designated journeyman, but, per Daniel Gallen of Penn Live, there is buzz around rookie Nathan Peterman, who has thrown three preseason touchdowns. There are some similarities between Peterman and the Washington starter, but the Cousins comp is really just code for "there is nothing special about him but he will probably end up starting." Are the quarterbacks solely responsible for their fates? Jaguars receivers have been dealing with the dropsies since last year, though it's important to note that receivers develop bad habits when they have no idea when or where a ball will arrive.The Jaguars have Chad Henne, an off-the-rack veteran journeyman, and second-year Arkansas product Brandon Allen, who would fit right in on the Jets roster. The Bills offensive line got manhandled by the Eagles line last Thursday, and Taylor's starting receivers were rookie Zay Jones and Anquan Boldin, who retired on Sunday night. Bortles is even bad during practice, by all accounts. Adjust your Jaguars season projections accordingly (I'm catapulting them from 4-12 to 5-11!

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