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In view of the new charter status, the Institute is opening windows of opportunities to individuals seeking professional qualifications and those desirous of upgrading their skills and knowledge for advancement and promotion in the public and private sectors by acquiring professional qualifications in management.

This is a quick and dirty method of setting up an LPP source and SPOT of AIX 5.3 TL10 SP2, without having to swap DVD's into the AIX host machine.

The regulatory powers of the Institute is truly wide.

Before the enactment of the NIM Establishment Act there were other management professional bodies in existence, which were empowered by the statue establishing them to regulate and control their field and branch of management profession in all its aspects and ramifications.

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In January, 1964, the Nigerian Management Group changed its name to Nigerian Institute of Management and was duly incorporated under the Nigerian Companies Act , Cap.As a leading organization for professional managers, the institute thoroughly understands the issues faced by organizations in their efforts to improve performance, and is well placed to provide management Read more ...As a foremost professional body on the continent, the Institute understands the importance of technology in learning and development hence the decision to build a credible e-learning platform which Read more ...There's some swearing (including "f--k" and "s--t"), and participants talk about sexual relationships among colleagues, some of which don't end well.That said, teens and adults will be fascinated by both the scientific study at the heart of the movie and the politics and tensions behind it, and the movie is sure to spur discussion about animal rights and cruelty.

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