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The few people that like Grouse-Moor here have attempted to justify it by saying that it has been around for so long that it must be good. The floral essence of a Lakeland aromatic is, in my opinion, one of the greatest innovations in the realm of pipe smoking.

The specific flavor notes of Lakeland aromatic essences serve to heighten and exemplify the nuances of a fine Virginia and even cut out some of the excessive sootiness to be found in many examples of the leaf, as opposed to German and American style aromatics which only cover up the true tobacco flavor.

The tobacco characeristics could not be deduced by their aromas.

I was unable to tell whether this was because of the flavoring, or the steaming process. Nice springy feel when pressed, no tendency to harden up on top.

I was quite excited, actually, because this looked like something I had never seen or imagined, and I was optimistic that the flavor would follow that uncharacteristic path. I started with bowls in my smallest pipe, nothing more than ten minute concentrated smokes.

I said all of these things, liberally spiced with more colorful language.

It became a guilty pleasure, like gorging on Halloween candy.

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But as I continued with greater frequency in my experimentation, I found that I required larger bowls--to explore the nuances of Grousemoor, and isolate this "lemongrass" note that people kept mentioning.There are a few sour and many tangy notes amidst the sweetness. The “lemon grass” topping may well account for some of the flavors, but there’s more in the mix for sure. Burns cool and fairly smooth at a reasonable pace with a very consistent taste. Leaves a little moisture in the bowl, but no dottle. While it is highly aromatic, the flavors combine to make this an either you like it for not blend whether you like aros or not.Quickly ghosts a briar, and will do the same for a meer, so prepare to dedicate a pipe to it.Forgive my rabbiting on for so long, but I have enjoyed this sort of tobacco for years and became tired of listening to a lot of brutes and cads guffawing and casting it aside for 'serious' tobacco. The Virginia leaf is not only of the finest quality, but also quite strong.The affect of the top dressing is perfect if approached with an open mind.

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