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A friendly smile is all you need sometimes to meet a nice girl – in the shopping malls, in the little coffee shops, in the road-side restaurants.Here’s a tip for you – if you want to meet a nice girl stay away from the venues that Westerners usually frequent.These Western guys become deeply attracted to the Thai ladies’ femininity, grace, beauty and, I use this word very explicitly, .

You will meet Thai girls very easily almost every day.

The relationship that results can be an intense, emotional roller-coaster ride.

It can be, and often is, the happiest time in a guy’s life.

When I was a Thailand newbie I commented to an long term expat in Bangkok that I wasn’t aware of many famous Thai people (with the exception of Tata Young of course Relationships in Thailand can be fragile and volatile.

Even by their mid- twenties most Thai girls will have had their hearts broken badly by a Thai man and tend to adopt a “never put all your eggs in one basket” approach.

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