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To publish applications on Google play, it is necessary to have a publisher account.

To sign up for a publisher account follow these steps: To effectively promote and advertise an application on Google Play, Google allows developers to submit promotional assets such as screenshots, graphics, and video to be submitted.

They will be displayed on an application’s details page in Google Play.

The specs for screen shots are: Visual Studio for Mac has an integrated workflow for publishing apps to Google Play.

If an application exceeds that size, Google Play will allow extra assets to be delivered through .

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I even mention self-publishing as one of my top 15 solopreneur businesses in this post. The costs weren’t too high, so I didn’t have to even think twice about it.I emailed Amazon’s help center and they graciously emailed all of the buyers with a new update.First I built up a bit of social proof, by purchasing copies of the e Book for friends and family to read on their Kindle devices in exchange for an honest review. Before the Dark Ages, the industrial revolution, the birth of technology, and even the internet — we had books.Books are one of the few constants that distinctly identify human culture.

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