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The operations of KMBC and KCWE formally migrated to the Winchester Avenue studio on August 23, 2007, ending KMBC's 54-year tenure at the Lyric Theatre, which had earlier been sold by the Lyric Opera to firm DST Realty.In late March 2010, Hearst filed an application with the FCC to transfer the KCWE license from the KCWE-TV Company subsidiary to the Hearst Television unit; the transfer was completed on May 1 of that year, officially making KMBC-TV and KCWE directly owned sister stations.In December 1960, Cook Paint and Varnish sold the KMBC television and radio stations, KMOS-TV and KFRM to -based Metropolitan Broadcasting (later renamed ) for .65 million; (although its former radio sisters had changed their call letters decades earlier, KMBC-TV has retained the "-TV" suffix in its legal call sign to this day).Metromedia eventually took over management of the building housing KMBC's operations in 1974, after being granted a change to the terms of its lease, although the group honored the lease signed by the in 1970 – around which time it was renamed from Capri Theatre to the – that gave the repertory company permission to perform at the theatre.

After Cook formally assumed ownership of the station on June 14 of that year, KMBC-TV began occupying channel 9 full-time, absorbing WHB-TV's share of the operation and the lease to the Victoria Theatre, wherein Midland had rented space in the lower floors beneath the building's performance stage since it purchased the facility in 1947 to house the operations of KMBC radio and later KMBC-TV.The third and last television allocation in the Kansas City market was hotly contested between two locally based companies which had each competed to become the granted holder of the to build the new station on VHF channel 9.The prospective licensees in question were the and the Midland Broadcasting Company, which had respectively owned two of the area's AM radio stations – Cook was the operator of (then at 710 AM, now at 810 AM), while Midland owned KMBC (980 AM, now ).As part of the deal, Meredith agreed to affiliate KCMO-TV (channel 5, now ) with CBS, as compensation for sister station in , (which rejoined CBS in September 1994) losing its affiliation with the network to KOOL-TV (now Fox owned-and-operated station ).KMBC-TV subsequently signed an affiliation agreement with , granting it assumption of the Kansas City affiliation rights to that network from KCMO-TV, which had carried the network since its September 1953 sign-on in a dual-affiliation arrangement (KCMO also initially carried select programs from the on a part-time basis until the network ceased operations in August 1956).

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